That time I didn’t think I had enough business

Being self employed has so many wonderful advantages that I wouldn’t trade for the world, but it also means that you and you alone are responsible for your income.

I’m now in year 5 of my business, but every year at some point in time I always get this doubt feeling that I haven’t booked enough work for the following season. Will I still have a job? Will I have to go back to my 9-5? These are all valid feelings.

So what I do when I get this feeling is go through all my weddings for the current year, find out what date they booked and look at the trends. That way I can see at any point in time how many weddings I had this time last year for the current year and if I am on target for the year ahead!

Well this week I had that doubt feeling and did the tally up….and guess what, I am 3 up for next year on where I was for this year! So self doubt I am kicking your butt into next week!

Happy Friday All!

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