How I edit my photos for instagram

So recently I have given my instagram a little refresh and been trying really hard to keep it consistent. I think I have come to the view that I prefer photos taken with my professional camera in my feed. However, there is the odd times when I am out and about, see something cute and take a photo with my iPhone…..I wan’t to make sure I keep my iPhone photos as closely edited as I can do my professional photos so here is what I do…..

  1. I don’t use any of the instagram filters…..I know, I know they are pretty epic and looking at life through a Valencia filter is amazing, BUT it’s just too much for my style
  2. I up the exposure, reduce the highlights, bring up the shadows and then increase the contrast for a bit of pop
  3. Now and again I like to use the app FILMBORN also to edit the photo using P400 and then still do everything in point 2.

Try it and let me see what you think!