Happy Valentines Day ~ My first as a wife


Happy Valentines day All!

I LOVE the holidays, any type of occasion in life to celebrate, I am definitely the one in our friendship group that goes all out with the decorations for any occasion (I get that from my mum!)! So today is my first valentines as a wife and I am going all out…..wan’t to know what I am doing………baby sitting my gorgeous god daughters! You got it, it might be our first valentines as a married couple but that doesn’t mean everyday life has changed for us…… today we will be making valentines cards with these gorgeous bubbas!

On a plus note Paul got me some flowers. This will be our 6th valentines together and every year he gets me red roses, every year I say I don’t like red roses…….this year I got pink ones! Maybe now he’s a husband he’s finally got it! 🙂


I can’t wait to see my feed lit up tomorrow with all those stunning engagement rings and hear all about those epic proposals! Congrats in advance to all those who get engaged today!


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